About Us


Who We Are

'BLU is a cutting-edge online retailer founded in 2001, and has just re-opened in Vaughan Mills mall. Curated for the modern, fashion-forward individual, BLU offers a complete collection of designer apparel and accessories. We focus on unique & high end apparel with personal, one-on-one styling sessions & service.

See where it all started.


Our Mission

We strive to move past conventional shopping methods. We aim to create, inspire and connect consumers with the products that we sell. We are not just selling clothes and high end fashion; we are selling style.

People do not naturally shop by brand name, by color, or by a price; but rather what they see visually, and how items are put together. Allowing consumers to alternatively shop by style is simply allowing what should have been here from the start; a natural way of shopping.

Money can buy you fashion, but every penny on the planet will not guarantee you a single shred of style.